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SYNC by Volocian Studios is the only completely open indie game console. Based on Android, and powered by KODI and RetroArch, SYNC is affordable, easy to use, and endlessly customizable. Designed by and for those of us who are proudly independent.


SYNC is available for one low price with no ongoing subscriptions or extra fees. It comes with a control deck with access to thousands of free to play games, two classic wired game controllers with analog joysticks, one IR remote control, a power adapter and an HDMI cable. All you need to enjoy great free content is an internet connection, and SYNC has both built in WiFi and a wired Ethernet port. SYNC has 2 USB ports which will work with  any USB storage device or peripherals such as mice and keyboards, and Bluetooth, for pairing with gamepads, headsets, or mobile phones.

Easy to use

SYNC is designed to be easy to use, whether you’re 7 or 73, and is the only console that can be cusomized endlessly to work the way you need it to, even if you have zero tech. knowledge or unique accessiblity needs.

Open by design

syncOS is based on Android and powered by KODI and RetroArch, all great open source software projects in their own right. Anyone can develop for syncOS or modify it however they like, without having to mod, root, or jailbreak their software first.


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When Atari changed the world…When Nintendo changed our minds…When SEGA changed the game…Before the licensing disputes…And the layoffs…Before the buyouts…And the sellouts…They were just like us.




SYNC – The Indie Console

by Volocian Studios

SYNC is the only console that lets you play thousands of great classic games from the Internet Archive’s massive library. You can play games from Atari 2600 and 7800, Vectrex, Nintendo Entertainment System, Sega Master System, Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, Game boy, Game boy color, game boy advance, game gear, N64, and PlayStation. Thousands of games are at your fingertips including all your favourite franchises like Mario, Zelda, Sonic, Final Fantasy, Metroid, Donkey Kong, sports titles like NHL, NBA, and PGA golf, and even rare titles like Chrono Cross, Earthbound, and Secret of Mana, all completely free of charge and 100% legal  for you to play without having to pay for monthly subscription fees or expensive rare cartridges or discs. Not only can you play all these games they were meant to be played with two real analog gamepads, but you can even save those old games at any point even if they didn’t originally come with game memory or save points.



Because our custom syncOS operating system is based on Android, you can run all of today’s top games like Minecraft and Portal 2, as well as any of the thousands of live and on demand video apps available from Google like Netflix, UFC, CraveTV, and NHL Gamecenter. Unlike so-called “smart tvs” and “streaming boxes”, SYNC is completely open, so you’re not limited to the type of apps you can run. Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram all work great on SYNC, and for any of the apps you’d rather use a hands on approach for, you can always cast your Android or iOS screen to your big screen TV using SYNC’s built in Airplay and Chromecast receivers. syncOS is also powered by KODI, so it’s easy to use, customizable, and works with all the most up to date streaming and on demand add-ons you’re used to, but without any of the hassle of dealing with shady characters and back alley vendors.


Getting remote assistance from with your SYNC from Volocian Studios is as easy as opening the built in “QuickSupport” app from your homescreen favourites. This allows us to issue updates and software fixes, as well as to view your screen in realtime to show you how to use your SYNC. Just give us your 9 digit quick support code and we’re ready to rock!


It’s a media center that plays almost any type of video or audio, connects or pairs with almost any kind of hardware, lets you play literally thousands of games with classic controls, and allows you to save your media files from anywhere to anywhere instantly.

You can use SYNC to play an old game with a friend in person, as SYNC comes with 2 controllers, or over the internet anywhere you have a wifi or ethernet connection. You can chat with loved ones while you enjoy the same movie together at a distance, using services you already know like Facebook Messenger and Snapchat. And you can backup anything you create yourself, receive as an attachment, or download from the internet, all instantly and automatically.

With SYNC, it’s easy to create. Make a screencast of your latest game conquest and upload it directly to YouTube. Shoot a video on your phone, edit it on your laptop instantly, and preview it to your friends on your SYNC before uploading it to Facebook

SYNC is the completely legal alternative to kodi boxes and android tv. It comes with KODI (for watching movies and tv shows, listening to music, and watching photo slideshows), and RetroArch (for playing games from classic consoles), but without any of the piracy related addons or illegally unlocked content you’ll find on the black market.

We’ll even guide you through the process of watching great productions, playing fun games, and sharing with your friends and family the right way without having to worry about either of us going to jail :-).

Volocian SYNC is a media player, a game console, and a private server all rolled into one, so you can record, save, and play all your content, anywhere. Watch the movies and play the games you loved as a kid, get up to date streaming content from services like Netflix and CraveTV, watch live broadcasts and play games with people from around the world, and rest easy knowing your device and data are secure, reliable, and well supported.

Better than a KODI box:

Volocian SYNC comes with stock, up to date KODI for watching all your favourite content, but this is not a “fully loaded KODI box”. While that term may sound generic, it’s come to mean a very specific type of device that not only includes the wonderful (and completely LEGAL) KODI app, but also a bunch of ILLEGAL content (that’s the “fully loaded” part). These devices are often sold with product descriptions encouraging us to “cut the cord” or “never pay for cable TV again”, and are all about encouraging digital piracy.

Often, we’ll see ads for “fully loaded KODI boxes”, or “Android boxes” (as they’re usually based on Android) that say that they’re “better than AppleTV”, “better than Amazon Fire”, or “better than ROKU”, and you know what? That’s hard to argue. With the ability to add and modify apps, addons, and hardware, these systems definitely offer us more control over our devices and data than the proprietary alternatives, but make no mistake, and let us repeat, THIS IS NOT A FULLY LOADED KODI BOX:

SYNC is better!

Volocian SYNC comes with RetroArch and two game controllers, so you can play all the games you loved on systems like the Atari 2600, Nintendo Entertainment System, and Playstation, all in one system, with additional features like optional built in cheat codes or online play mods to your favourite games like Goldeneye (originally for the Nintendo 64, which didn’t feature netplay).

And the very best part of Volocian SYNC is that it’s super easy to save games you’ve downloaded, pictures you’ve taken, or music and movies you’ve purchased directly to your SYNC, so your content is private, secure, and easy to share, whether you want to stream something from your existing collection or remotely add a torrent to your SYNC at home.

We must admit, though, that the biggest difference between a Volocian SYNC and a “fully loaded KODI box”, is us. We’ve been using, developing, troubleshooting, and providing service for KODI (the app) and Android since the very beginning (when KODI was called XBMC and didn’t run on Android, Android only ran on phones, and Creed was the biggest band on earth ;-)), and nobody knows more about these devices than we do.

SYNC 1.3 Elite comes with 2 “sixaxis” wired controllers, an IR remote control (needs 2xAAA batteries), an HDMI cable, and a 5V 2A North American outlet power supply.

Independent, just like you!

Founded by Richard MacInnis and Tonia Vansteelandt, Volocian Studios began life as an independent record label and arts and craft store showcasing the work of its founders. They quickly began working with other artists and musicians, releasing original content while promoting the work of other independent artists through their network of thousands of friends and followers on social media. In September 2017, they launched VOLOCIAN.COM, their independent webzine covering music, arts, health, and technology news, followed  in December 2017 with the launch of SYNC – The Indie Console.

Volocian Studios believes in helping others to dream, and to bring those dreams to fruition. Before founding Volocian, Richard MacInnis spent several years as a self-produced, indie musician with 9 albums to his credit (released under group and solo names like Pleasurefly, Risen Sun, the $ellout$, and Dick MacInnis), who was also the sole maintainer of a multimedia content creator’s linux distribution called DreamStudio. His music and software has been available under various open licenses since 2001 and has been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times by fans and users from around the world.

**Volocian SYNC is a hardware and services bundle, and includes only freely available, and wherever possible, open source software. We put SYNC together and help you set it up, but we’re not trying to sell you software here that you can get for free. You could build a SYNC yourself, and we encourage you to play around with yours, but we promise it will be worth your time to get one all set up from us, and know that we can answer your questions.


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