Volocian™ Studios is proud to provide digital multimedia services to businesses and individuals in Saskatoon, both on-site and in-house. Contact us to find out more or ask about a project you may have in mind. Here are some of the services we provide:

  • Multimedia Design and Production – We’ve been producing creative and professional projects in-house since 1999, and now we’d love to help you make your next project a reality! Whether you need graphic design, audio (music, radio, voiceover, or film) recording and production, complete video production (project management, filming, sync, editing, and post production effects, graphics, and audio), or just a simple website for you or your business, we’ve got the tools, knowledge, and experience to bring your dreams to life.
  • Advertising – Here at Volocian we love sharing stories from artists, inventors, and health professionals. We regularly feature these here on Volocian.com as well as on our social media channels, pages, and groups, though if you or your business want to design a comprehensive multimedia ad strategy for traditional (print, radio, television) or online media (email, web, social, streaming, and SEO), we can lead you through every step of the process from creative consulting through to publishing.
  • Digital Asset Management – Creative professionals know the importance of backups, metadata, and asset availability, and we know how to help you get the best Digital Asset Management systems available. Our custom systems feature instant backup and sync so that you’ll never lose even an hour’s work, with rollback and file versioning so you can always go back to a previous edit without duplicating work or having to design your own naming convention, and our always on privately hosted cloud services mean that you can access your files from any device, anywhere (as long as you can connect to the web ;-)), without having to rely on third party services like Dropbox or iCloud. Your data will be so secure that nobody (not even us) will be able to access it without your permission, yet so effortless to access and well organized that you’ll feel as if you have a physical copy of all your data on every device you own. Your clients will love you when you can provide revisions to a project in realtime without having to upload to a black box server and hope they use the same service, and you’ll thank your lucky stars every time you hear about someone losing data to hardware malfunction or ransomware, knowing your bits and bytes are safe.
  • Computer and Network Installation, Support, and Repair – Windows? Mac? Android? iOS? GNU/Linux? We install, support and repair them all, and our vast knowledge of networks can even help you seamlessly integrate these different systems so that your graphics department and accountants are all on the same page no matter what kind of system they’re running. Personal computer repair estimates are FREE, our bench rates are some of the lowest around, and if you have hardware that’s better kept where it is, we’re happy to provide on-site services to keep your downtime to a minimum.
  • Audio/Visual Installations – Whether you want to set up the home theatre of the future, a fully connected multimedia network for your home or business, or a complete audio and video recording, production, and broadcasting suite, we’ve got you covered. With over 20 years experience consulting, requisitioning, and installing audio and visual solutions with a strong focus on networking and emerging technologies, we can help you put together the system of your dreams.