Post Vintage Fan Packs

This archival copy of the album in physical and digital media is perfect for artist aficionados, and is exclusive to Volocian Studios.

  • Included are:
    Dual purpose, environmentally friendly, poster/CD cover.  On the front is a full colour poster that you can hang wherever you like, while a foldable CD cover with liner notes is printed on the back. Simple folding instructions are included if you’d like to use it as a CD cover for your collection or case for the CD.
  • Standard audio CD of the album with included digital media in FLAC and high quality mp3 on the disc.
  • Digital downloads of the album in lossless FLAC and high quality mp3 formats, for incomporable sound quality and universal compatibility, including album artwork and liner notes.

Folding Instructions

Lay your artwork on a flat surface.

Fold the top of the paper down, using the album cover as a guide.

Here’s the poster side with the top folded down.

Fold the bottom of the paper up, once again using the album cover as a guide.

Here again is the poster side, now with both top and bottom folded.

Now we fold the paper on the left edge of the cover artwork. You can slip the CD and envelope into the fold now if you need to adjust the size.

This is what the back side of the folded album case looks like. Note the overlap on the left of this picture. We’ll need that in a minute.

If you haven’t already, insert the CD into the envelope, and the envelope and CD into the cover.

Flip the case over, and fold the overlap over the back of the cover.

Tuck the overlap into the CD cover you’ve just made to keep it shut.

Looking good…

Nice work!