These archival copies of albums in physical and digital media are perfect for artist aficionados, and are exclusive to Volocian Studios.

Included in a PVFP are:

-Dual purpose, environmentally friendly, poster/CD cover.  On the front is a full colour poster that you can hang wherever you like, while a foldable CD cover with liner notes is printed on the back. Simple folding instructions are included if you’d like to use it as a CD cover for your collection or case for the CD.

-Standard audio CD of the album with included digital media in FLAC and high quality mp3 on the disc.

-Digital downloads of the album in lossless FLAC and high quality mp3 formats, for incomparable sound quality and universal compatibility, including album artwork and liner notes.


Our first Post Vintage Fan Pack release is Tyson Prior’s debut album, “The Homesick EP”. Visit the link to listen to this album and even download standard quality MP3s for personal use.

We’ll be releasing all of our previous albums in PVFP format over the course of the next few months.

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