Volocian Studio Liberation and Studio Liberation OS (formerly DreamStudio) 2017 Official Release

Volocian Studios is pleased to announce the initial (2017) releases of Volocian Studio Liberation and Volocian Studio Liberation OS. Volocian Studio Liberation is a complete multimedia workflow package for creative people. Photographers, graphic designers, web designers, audio engineers, musicians, record producers, video editors, writers, publishers, and product designers will all find everything they need to create using low cost and open source tools as Volocian believes financial status shouldn’t be a barrier to entry for becoming a professional multimedia artist. Volocian Studio Liberation is available as a cross platform multiple application installer for Windows, macOS, and Debian based Linux distributions such as Ubuntu and Linux Mint, picking up where Celeum DreamStudio 2015 left off, but with new, easier to use installers for all three major OSes and updated versions of all the included apps.

Volocian Studio Liberation OS is a multimedia distribution based on Ubuntu, which picks up where DreamStudio OS left off with their last release in 2013. It includes a preinstalled version of Volocian Studio Liberation on top of a streamlined, high performance, low latency Linux base designed especially for creative people and their workflows. Volocian Studio Liberation OS is available on Volocian studio hardware such as Volocian Studio Apollo, Volocian Studio Athena, and Volocian Studio Mercury, and a live demo version is available to try free of charge. The full version contains all the apps you get on both an Ubuntu Studio install, and an Ubuntu or Debian system with the KXStudio packages installed. Volocian Studio Liberation OS included more apps available and out of the box than any other multimedia OS distribution, and is less resource intensive and lower latency than any other mainstream Linux distribution period.

Volocian Studios is brought to you by the people who created DreamStudio and Celeum Technology. They’re a multimedia production house who love to help artists create and share their works. They create music, fashions, arts & crafts, videos, and creative tools (hardware and software) for creative people. Celeum DreamStudio was once the highest ranked multimedia Linux distribution on distrowatch.org, and it’s successor, Volocian Studio Liberation OS, is the only multimedia production package rated enterprise ready by sourceforge.net

Support is available via monthly subscription or our community forums , and more details are available at our website.

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